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Advocate, published author and international photographer, Katie Garner combines strategic communications with exceptional, audience tailored content. With over 10 years of communications consultancy under her belt, a law degree from the LSE and barrister trained, Katie is uniquely positioned to help organisations find their place, their language and their audience.

Katie has worked with myriad organisations and people with world-changing ideas. From promoting the work of indigenous groups in East Africa, to communications strategies for independent wine merchants in London, Katie has a wealth of diverse experience.

To find out more, drop us an email – Katie@2ndthebest.com

To see some of her content, written and photographic, have a gander at ktgphotography.com


What people say about Katie:

“Katie Garner brings a powerful and unique combination of expertise and skill to all of her work. Strategic vision and experience in a variety of fields from business, law and justice, communications, not for profit sector and the international arena are paired with wit and artistry. Katie’s engaging personal manner and brilliant perspective make her a valued and trusted longterm consultant and photographer for our not-for-profit, African Road” Kelly Bean, African Road

“Having someone as enthusiastic as Katie (2nd the best) in your corner is invaluable” Sean Callaghan, Strategic Impact